You’ll pay for your wickedness one day – Manasseh ‘curses’ hand sanitizer cheats


Renowned Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni literally lost his cool over the astronomical hikes in prices of hand sanitizers following the novel coronavirus pandemic cursing those taking undue advantage over the situation.

A mad rush for the product which has been recommended as one of the surest ways of staying safe, led to sales outlets including pharmacies cashing on and selling the product above comprehension.

It is also gathered that many are hoarding it and selling at throat-cutting prices in some cases at 500% more than the normal price to unsuspecting customers. But the journalist who observed that such a conduct is unpatriotic had some harsh words for them.

He said” Increase the price of the hand sanitizer to whatever amount your indescribable greed dictates to you. But that money will not be with you forever. One day, you’ll be struggling to breathe and there won’t be a helper. You will pay for this wickedness in one way or the other. The kindness that could save your life one day will elude you. Shame on your wicked soul”, he said.

We here at eacloudvisiongh can say for a fact that an amount of 120.00 Ghana cedis was mentioned in our quest to purchase a hand sanitizer on Saturday in a chemical shop in Kasoa. We had no option than to buy it😭.

Below is the image of the exact sanitizer.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has recommended to Ghanaians the use of hand sanitizers that have a 70 percent alcohol base standard to help in the prevention and spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr Lawrence Lartey of the Disease Surveillance Department (GHS) said alcohol, the main ingredient in hand sanitizers, among others could destroy viruses and that the less required quantity in the product would not serve the intended purpose hence, the need for all to ensure they purchased a quality one.

Dr Lartey gave the recommendation at an awareness creation workshop for Faith-Based Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations on COVID-19 in Accra.

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