You have no right to speak for us – Praye Tintin descends on Beverly Afaglo


A member of the Praye group, Praye Tintin has replied the wife of his colleague, Choirmaster, Beverly Afaglo for saying the group had sidelined her husband.

In an interview with Zion Felix, Beverly alleged that other members of the group, Praye Tintin and Tietia, have been engaging in some business deals for the group outside the country without her husband’s involvement.

However, Praye Tintin in an interview denied the allegation and expressed his disappointment in her comments.

“if we are talking of sideline, it is the husband who has sidelined us when it comes to his dealings; but we are ok…I am really disappointed in the wife because she is not the spokesperson for the group. She had no right to speak for us. Praye was there before she came and it is better she consults us before saying anything. She can speak for her husband but not for the group” he said in an interview on Peace FM Entertainment Review programme.

According to him, “maybe the problem is communication between Choirmaster and his wife…The husband is aware of everything going on and so if they had a perfect communication the wife would know everything going on and not make any loose talk…”

Listen to the full interview in the video below:

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