You Have Dated A Lot Of Married Men And You’re Still Dating Them – Moesha Budong Exposes Salma Mumin


The later part of 2019 can be siad to have generated alot of controversies in the Ghanaian celebrity fraternity. Beefs among our very own celebrities are still building up as our recent ones between the males and females keep getting worse by each passing day.

Moesha Buodong has recently been beefing her former friend Salma Mumin as she has reacted to fellow actress.

Salma who made the revelation in an interview with Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku show, stated emphatically that, she will never be able to forgive Moesha and that she’s not in talking terms with her.

Salma Mumin
              Salma Mumin

Although we don’t know the exact details of what really happened the once close friends, Moesha has lost her cool and has started spilling secrets of Salma Munin on her Snapchat account.

In the first screenshots captured by, Moesha accused Salma of sleeping with several married men and added she’s no longer the small girl she used to control.

Check the first screenshots below:


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