Xandy Kamel Finally Joins The Bleaching Competition Among Our Celebrities

How is it possible that people these days, especially ladies allow themselves to believe that you can only be called beautiful if and when you bleach has since remained unfathomable.

Bleaching is the new beauty, obviously and each passing day, we have ladies subscribing to this trend.

From this picture we are looking at right now, we are most certain Kumawood actress and slay queen Xandy Kamel also bleached her skin to have the complexion she now flaunts on social media.

In picture sighted on the Instagram page of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Xandy is captured with her colleague actress Tracey Boakye presumably on a movie set.

What is conspicuous about the picture is the fact that she was almost the same complexion as Tracey Boakye and she looked perfect in that skin tone.

Perhaps Xandy felt she did not look beautiful enough and decided to rip off some layers of her skin.

Whoever advised her to do this to herself should be jailed— the person did her a great disservice.


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