Triplets complete same school with same GPA score of 4.0


The triplets who completed the same school with same GPA
The triplets who completed the same school with same GPA

It was all joy for authorities of a high school in McDonough, Georgia after a set of triplets scored the same Grade Point Average to graduate.

Kendall, Kolby and Sydney Belcher made their parents proud graduating with a GPA perfect score of 4.0 this year.

The Ola High School where the triplets graduated from had to honour them for their achievements.

Their mother, Cathey Belcher told American media that she was happy and proud of her kids.

Triplets from Georgia

Cathey’s children are all now enrolled in college pursuing different career paths.

Sydney and Kolby are enrolled in the Georgia State University while Kendall is enrolled in Gordon State College.

According to Sydney is studying to become a nurse and sees herself working in a children’s hospital.

Kolby is purrsuing a career in marketing while Kendal decided to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

In July this year, two set of twins from New York also gave birth on the birthday of their father and on the same day and hospital.

The siblings also gave birth to girls and were delivered by the same doctor.

The sisters, Shari and Simone Cumberbatch did not think their babies will be delivered just hours apart.

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