“There Are Some Things You Can’t Change, I Have Nothing Against Anyone” – Vivian Jil

Actress Vivian Jil Lawrence has said that she has nothing against anyone in the industry and hopes no one has anything against her because she’s a free-minded and free-spirited person.


The rumors of her goddaughter Tracey Boakye snatching her man and marrying him made most people thought Vivian Jil Lawrence might have malice against these two and probably people in the industry supporting them but that isn’t the case per this video of hers.

According to Vivian Jil Lawrence, there are some things one can not change naturally and that includes when someone hates you for no reason but then she personally has nothing against anyone and she hopes no one has any malice or issue against her as well.

This submission of Vivian Jil Lawrence is very deep and says a lot about human nature because as she rightfully said, there are some things you can never change naturally and that includes someone hating or disliking you for no reason.

video below;



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