The Reason For Nadia Buari weeping at Dumelo’s wedding


Nadia Buari weeping

A video showing how Nadia Buari wept at John Dumelo’s wedding has popped up.

She was happy for the couple, especially, Gifty, Dumelo’s wife. They have called themselves “Besties” on social media.

The video was shared by Dumelo’s wife to celebrate Nadia’s birthday.

The actress was seen shedding massive tears
leaving her eyes very red. Best described as tears of joy, Nadia’s action
expresses the happy moment of seeing her best friends get married.

Mrs Dumelo shared the video on her Instagram
page to celebrate Nadia on her birthday. She wrote: “She wept like a baby on my
wedding day….I love and adore you @iamnadiabuari …..happy birthday

Nadia also responded telling the whole reason
why she cried. According to her, watching her friends walk down the aisle was
so beautiful to her and at that time, the tears of joy meant the world to her:
iamnadiabuari: “Just watching u walk down that isle soo beautiful shedding
those tears of joy meant the world to me. I love u bae.”

has attracted some reactions from
fans with many describing it in their own words.

Edna, for instance, said this is what we call
best friends: edn_aa: “This what we call best friends.”

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