The Only Son Of Pastor Mensa Otabil Uncovered


Pastor Mensa Otabil is mostly known for his daughters, of which he has three.

But of his kids, the one who has not often been in the public eye is Yoofi Otabil – his son. The only guy in a sea of ladies, it’s understandable why Yoofi has been a little aloof from the spotlight.

However, information about him is now coming out and he’s not much different from any of the other Otabil siblings. Yoofi had a good education outside the country,  the best money can buy.

He reportedly studied Computer/Electrical Engineering at the Calvin University in the United States, where he resides.

After graduating from University, he worked as an engineer for the conglomerate General Motors, before later leaving to follow his passion of photography.

Yoofi currently works as a professional photog in the U.S.

Check out a couple of photos of the ‘dada bee’ known as Yoofi Otabil below…

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