The inside story of Nana Ama and Sammy’s breakup wahala


Nana Ama and Sammy Tom Brown have been trending since yesterday.

The love story of the two KNUST has hit a snag as Nana Ama has walked out of the relationship because she cannot keep dating a lying Sammy.

Information suggests that Sammy who has been dating Nana Ama for some time now had a one night stand with a Level 100 lady.

Instead of Sammy being on the low with the act, he was kiss telling every guy he’s friends with.

The information has it that one of Sammy’s friends went to inform his girlfriend, Nana Ama about her lover’s sexcapades.

Saamy vehemently denied the issue when he was confronted by Nana Ama but had to accept his fault later on.

Nana after Sammy confessed then asked for a breakup because she cannot date a liar and an unfaithful guy.

Forget everything posted here, this is the real story behind the Nana Ama saga

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