Steve Harvey & Marjorie Shed Tears At Ghana’s Oldest Slave Port, Elmina Castle



Steve Harvey was brought to tears on Saturday during a visit to a castle that housed the horrors of the slave trade centuries ago.

The 62-year-old Family Feud host was joined by his family at the site of the historical atrocities, which was originally erected by Portuguese slaversin 1482. The Elmina Castle is the oldest extant European structure in sub-Saharan Africa

Steve Harvey And Friends At The Castle

Steve, who was dressed in a canary yellow tunic with purple patterns around the collar and sleeves made by Ghanaian menswear brand Kustom Looks, appeared to well up with tears during the visit to the site.

Steve Harvey With Kustom Looks

The overwhelmed comedian was seen resting on a set of stone steps and bowing his head while touring the building.

Outside, a guide explained the Elmina Castle’s dark history.

The building was originally erected as a trade outpost, but it was eventually converted into one of the busiest stops on the Atlantic slave trade.

Steve Harvey Breaks down at the castle

Dutch forces seized the outpost in the 17th Century, though they continued the slave trade started by its Portuguese builders.

Others on the tour saw Steve and his family exploring the cramped spaces were slaves were confined before being shipped to other colonies in the Americas and around the world, according to TMZ.

Steve, his wife Marjorie Bridges, 54, and their children glimpsed the original shackles applied to prisoners, and even tried them on.

Marjorie’s eyes were clouded by tears after bearing witness to the memory of these atrocities.


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