Prophet Kofi Oduro “Tieee”Does The Unexpected After A Great Chief Visits His Church Premises




There was a bit of drama in Alabaster International Ministry when the Oda Nkwanta chief and his team entered the church premises. The chiefs were there to meet the man of God and also worship with them in the second service(F5) of the church.

However, Prophet Kofi Oduro did the unexpected after he suddenly changed his preaching topic about ‘Planning’ to hit hard on Ghana chiefs. Prophet Kofi Oduro started by stating that he is very disappointed in chiefs who always ask for ‘common’ toilet facilities from the president. According to him, such request is very shameful and all chiefs who makes such request must be removed.

The church members were a bit surprised with the kind of message the man of God was preaching which was done right in front of the guest chiefs in the house.

Prophet Oduro further suggested to Ghana chiefs that they should consider communal labour because he does not expect the president to construct toilet facilities for the communities. He added that the chiefs can organise communal labour and put up such buildings themselves.

“Please Nana, you know I can never speak against you and I’m not saying this because Nana is here. This message has clashed with you. Sometimes I really get angry when Presidents are in communities and has given an opportunity for a chief of the community to speak and ask anything that the government can support that community with. And the chief gets a microphone and says they he needs a toilet facility. What a chief.”

“When I look at those chiefs, I believe we should remove them from their power. Foolish talk from a chief. Are you serious at all. Ghana wake up. You still need pit latrines. This is sickening” he said

Prophet Kofi Oduro has stated it clearly on several platforms that he is not afraid to speak the mind of God. He added that he speaks what God asks him to say. His messages today were not a direct message to the Oda Nkwanta chief who was present but to all chiefs who makes such requests from politicians.



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