Prime Suspect Involved In Kan Dapaah’s Leaked Video Call REVEALED?


Ghana is an interesting place to be where even without the best of technology the developed countries boast of when an issue pops up the gossip mongers will dig deep to expose you without any technology or detective.

Such has been the case of National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah’s leaked romantic chat with his side chic that has gone viral.

After the embarrassing video surfaced on the internet, Ghanaians have wondered who the Slay Queen involved in the video chat with the National Security boss is.

A photo of a young lady released by TGS invited comments from gossip mongers claiming she is the Slay Queen involved with Kan Dapaah’s leaked romantic video chat.

This is not confirmed yet, but gossip mongers believe that the photo of the pretty lady is the one who ordered Kan Dapaah like a small boy🤣🤣🤣 in the viral video.

We can’t confirm if this is the lady but for now, she remains the prime suspect in the Kan Dapaah lovestruck video chat.

See the photo below:


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