Our thursday crush Micheal Essien and his recent dealings


A legend is someone or something that has become famous or well-known, usually as a result of a distinctive or unique characteristic or skill. All of us here will agree with us  that indeed Michael Essien is a legend, and is a fact. There is no other Ghanaian footballers player that can be compared to him now.

Michael Essien was born on 3 December 1982. He is a Ghanaian professional footballer who played as a midfielder and currently a part of Danish Superliga club,  FC Nordsjaaelland’s Player or coaching staff. He has also been capped for the Ghana National team more than 50 times.

Michael Essien is one of the greatest Ghanaian midfielders ever, with his unique style of playing and records for the Ghana national team, his name will never be erase from the history of Ghana football.

Starting with liberty professionals in Ghana. He have moved on and played many international teams with a lot of records especially Chelsea where he won and melted many hearts of fans which included old age and younger people. The legendary of Michael Essien is very huge there is no Ghanaian player that can be compare to him as at now.

In this write up, we will be showing  you  some pictures of Michael Essien.

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