NAM1 Is The Only Man Who Could Defraud All The Fraud Boys In Ghana – Ibrah One🤣😂🤣


Ghanaian young rich guy, Ibrah One in a recent social media post commented about the NAM1 saga as he labelled him as a ‘senior fraudster’.

According to Ibrah One, NAM1 is the only man who was able to defraud all fraudsters by teaching them a bitter lesson by duping them of all their cash.

He wrote;

“Goodbye are just the beginning of something better and bigger, Farewell sir, all the best for future! NAM 1 the last man standing who could fraud all the fraud boys in Ghana and still give them lessons books for reference farewell sir I salute you.”

He alleged that not even the world court can make him vomit their debt.

“take him to world court not a penny u will get from him, it a good bye..story for now” – Ibrah One added.

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