Mzbel finally disgraces Tacey Boakye over her alleged acquisition of her wealth 


If you are ‘unintelligent side chicks’, don’t diss Mzbel, she’ll disgrace you like she did to Tracey Boakye

Watch Tracey Boakye fired Mzbel back as captured below before reading the full gist….

Musician Mzbel and Tracy Boakye are clashing on each other and fighting for some time now. It seems they are quarrelling over their sponsor.

It was Tracy who first fired shots and Mzbel responded to her social media rants.

Tracey has been attacking Mzbel on social media over a man she claimed they are both sharing.
According to Tracey, Mzbel is copying her lifestyle.

In reaction to Tracey’s accusations, Mzbel also went live on Instagram. In the first video, she noted that sharing pictures of her house on social media is what has pushed Tracey to go on this ranting spree, reported.

“So you heard I bought a house and that is what is raising your temperature,” she said in the video.

In another live Instagram video, she played a voice record of a lady condemning Tracey’s act describing her as an uncivilized person.

She also walked about turning the camera away from her to show fans around the house.

Touching on the insults, she said, “words don’t get to me.”

She added that the house that is causing the misunderstanding is not a mansion like social media assumes.

“We’re not slaying queens. We’re from poverty-stricken home…I’m not in a mansion,” she stated.


Mzbel went on Instagram and here is her reply to Tracey Boakye.

“Sending much love to every home with kids that have been broken by selfish, greedy and unintelligent side chicks… May the good Lord they preach about and claim they serve continue to make them blow their own cover foolishly!

And to those who make mockery of old age, May u not live to experience the joy and beauty of it 🙏🏾💛
#Goddess #Mzbel #IndependentWoman”

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