Meet Prince Boadi, the Ghanaian prodigy who has 10 Medical Schools battling for his “signature”.


Prince Boadi is a young genius who’s story is that of an inspirational one we can all go by.

Life hasn’t been rosy for the young Ghanaian as he recounts going through hardship when he was left alone with his single immigrant mother in the USA. After 8th grade, he had no formal training again.

However Young Prince did not only brave the odds but also achieved an incredible feat of becoming the first in his family to ever attend college

He attributes most of his success to his mother.

According to Prince, his mother has been the bedrock behind his giant leap in academia. He recounted how as a single immigrant mother , she worked her socks off to become a nurse assistant just so she could put young prince through school to be educated.

Whilst at Illinois, the lad encountered many experiences which shaped his dream to become a Medical Doctor.

Aside his brilliance he is known to be helpful especially his peers in terms of tutoring them the science courses

He had a few words “

“The number of students I have been able to interact with has opened me up to a diverse number of different cultures, personalities and life stories, “I realized I am truly fortunate to have the academic capacity I have. I also know that I have a responsibility to help others.”

Currently he has made up his mind to further at Duke University School where he would pursue his dream course, Medicine with a full scholarship.

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