Meet Lydia, The Legon Student Who Pays Her Fees By Selling Sobolo🤔


Many young people, especially ladies will find it really hard to carry wares on their heads and hawk around finding people to purchase.

Unlike many others, this University of Ghana student has defied all odds as she hawks around with Solobo (a local Ghanaian drink made from the Hibiscus flower in order to pay her school fees.

Her story was shared by a Facebook user with name Inusah Duut Issahaku and it is a very inspiring story which all young people can take something out of it. Lydia Hudu was caught on camera hawking Soboolo drink at Makola market.

Our checks revealed that Lydia’s mother hawks Soboolo and that’s what she uses to pay school fees for her children.

Lydia despite her beauty and privilege to be in one of the best Universities in Ghana has put her pride aside to help her mother in selling the popular drink.

Even though she has been doing this without any publicity, we hope her story changes the life of someone out there who is feeling shy to help his or her parent with what they do.

Check out her photos below;

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