Medikal Has Finally Revealed how Sister Derby’s Number Is Saved On His Phone these Days – Derby Ain’t Going to Be Pleased


Once upon a time when Medikal was dating Sister Derby, he allegedly saved Fella’s number as ‘Carpenter’ – thus he was able to maintain a sidechick romance with her without Derby suspecting.

A couple of years down the line Fella is now the main chick and Derby is hiding in some corner unable to stop publicly humiliating herself over that small boy she used to date.

You can imagine that Medikal and Fella often laugh together over how bitter Derby seems that they’re now together.

A new video uploaded by Medikal to IG seems to be a subtle dig at Derby.

In the TikTok video, Medikal is preaching with Fella as a church member.

He reveals how instead of deleting the numbers of people you don’t want in your life anymore, you rather change their name to ‘don’t answer’.

That seems to imply that Derby is now a ‘Don’t answer’ in Medikal’s phone.

Things are not going too well for the African mermaid!

Check Medikal’s video below…

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