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“Many People Including Our Parents Believe KiDi And I Are Secretly Dating”– Cina Soul


Sensational Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Cina Soul in a recent interview has revealed that her mother and that of her colleague artiste, KiDi, really think that they are secretly going out.

Cina Soul stated that some scenes in KiDi’s movie ‘Sugar’ raised these suspicions.

Speaking in the interview, she said;

“Our mums believe there is something going on between us that we are not telling them. It’s like that but we are okay with it.”

These two have been rumoured to be in a sexual relationship after KiDi released his first movie titled ‘Sugar’ which featured the two artistes.

The rumours were sparked after these they shared some sensual kisses in the movie, however, they have both denied these rumours.

Cina Soul in the interview indicated that she’s been friends with KiDi from childhood and this friendship made it easy for them to have that on-screen chemistry people saw.

“Even if we don’t have anything going on we can bring that chemistry on set. We have been friends for a long time so it’s easy for us to have that kind of connection,” she stated.

She added that many people have become curious about the nature of the relationship she has with KiDi but she has cautioned her close friends to keep their mouths shut whenever they are asked about it.