Kwame Despite’s son takes his date to prom night in a Rolls Royce🤩


Kwame Despite Son Rolls
Kirk, helping his date, Nadia, out of the car

Photos of one of the son’s of Kwame Despite and his beautiful girlfriend at what looks like a Prom Night has popped up online and everyone is dazzled at how cute they look together.

This son of Despite who is known as Kirk is said to be about 16 and a student of Tema International School.

The photos which have made its way on the internet sees the young man looking dashing with his date we’ve learned is called Nadia at their Prom Night.

Sources say that they made a bold statement at the event as Kirk came there with his date riding in a Rolls Royce–Who’s your daddy?

Did you ever get to take your date to Prom Night? I doubt you even got to experience Prom Night while in secondary school and only witnessed it through movies.

Anyways, I didn’t even get to experience Prom Night too but experienced something like dinner night during my SHS days at the annual Regional SRC Congress and each time, the dinner night was held, I never had a date…LOL.

For a young handsome man from a wealthy family, which girl wouldn’t want to date him? And from what we can tell from the pictures, the girl seems to also come from a wealthy family, after all, Tema International School is a place for rich kids.

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