Juliet Ibrahim Joins The Show Off Celebrities With A New “Boo” and House at the Same Time


Actress Juliet Ibrahim is allowimg herselff some real love a chance this time as she’s flaunting a brand new ‘boo’ on social media.

Juliet has hit the jackpot of life – she’ also flaunting a new house at the same time!

Juliet posted a video of herself with her new ‘baby’, as well as showing us shots of her new house.

Juliet captioned the video: “New baby ! New House!”

Juliet’s life has moved from 0 to a 100 real quick! It wasn’t that long ago that she was single and celebrating herself for being single following the collapse of yet another relationship with her  Nigerian boyfriend where they both got a written tattoo on their hands to show the world they’re inseparable.

These days almost everything we see from these celebs turns out to be ‘audio’ so don’t get too excited just yet – the truth might come out soon and be more ugly than you can imagine.

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