Joyce Blessing’s Marriage Collapse- ‘Shut Up. Else -Nana Agradaa Warns Dave Joy


Gospel musician Joyce Blessing has received a strong media bashing over the week for what people felt an alleged infidelity on her part.

So many rumours flying around, Ranging from sleeping with her gym instructor, fighting her sister in-laws, throwing her traditional drink in the face of her father in-law, Hot sex with her a piece of her hair found in the man’s home among others.

In all one thing the Gospel musician has been respected of his how she has kept quiet to the media in all these allegations. Making it hard for corroboration. Although some videos came out, she has still not spoken to the issue.

Meanwhile Nana Agradaa has jumped to her defence, bashing Blessing’s sister in-laws for what she feels taking videos of Blessing to bring her and her career down.

” Let me tell you, Dave Joy, shut up and stop talking to the media about your family affairs. Its women that does that not men. Why are you disgracing a woman you have kids with? Even of she is that bad? One word from you again Dave Joy, you will regret it. I will bring out a big secret bigger than what you’ve been telling the media and you will know how it feels. Even if you don’t like Joyce again, think of the kids. How will they feel? Stop talking to the media or else I will give you a ” Breaking News”….She advised and warned Dave Joy.

She added that Dave has been all over begging for the come back of his wife so he should stop talking to the media and go Straight forward.

Nana Agradaa made these revelations on her popular Talking Point Show on Thunder Tv.

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