Is Tonto Dikeh Just Chubby These few weeks or She’s Pregnant?


We believe Tonto Dikeh is pregnant.! For starters, this is what we have singularly observed and we cannot mandate anyone to accept this assertion.

The actress sometime now has refused to share any pictures of herself with the excuse that she has grown fat. Before any of that happened, there were rumors that Tonto is pregnant following her scandal in Dubai and a picture we saw of her led us to believe the rumors were not far from the truth.

Then she went on about how she has become a foodie and her refusal to share any pictures of herself in the past weeks sort of substantiated our stance.

When people get pregnant, one symptom is how they crave anything and everything and the chubby look that comes with it and Tonto has it all.

After two weeks, Tonto finally shares pictures of herself and that is all we see— even people in the comment box are speaking this same language.

Check these photos out.


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