Infected Ghanaian Reveals The Only Symptom He Experienced As A Result Of Coronavirus


One of Ghana’s Coronavirus patients identified as Nii in a recent interview on Nhyira FM disclosed to the hearing of the public the only symptom he had before he was quarantined.

He stated that he was feeling very healthy and strong, and the only symptom he experienced was coughing.

He said;

“As I speak to you now, I am very healthy and the only symptom I have experienced so far is coughing. I am someone who suffers a lot from flu but strangely enough, I haven’t suffered as much as one would expect.”

He also revealed that aside from coughing, he hasn’t experienced any of the other symptoms. He was diagnosed after he returned back to Ghana after spending about 30 days in France, however, he said he didn’t self-quarantine himself first as he showed no symptoms of the virus.

He indicated that he suspected himself to be a carrier of the virus when he noticed the sudden change in the colour of his urine.

“I for instance, anytime I am sick, I pay attention to the colour of my urine and so aside from the normal cough I had, I realised my urine had changed and that was what pushed me to go to the hospital to check if I had contracted the virus,” he added.

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