I Was Rejected By The Presbyterian Church For National Service Because Of My Hair- KiDi🤔



Talk about the churches and their readiness to pull up some sanctimonious nonsense at any given time with no thought to reason and let us tell you the many rots in these almost all of these religious outfits.

The Lynxx Entertainment Signee born Dennis Nana Dwamena known in showbizness circles as KiDi recounts how he was sacked from the Presbyterian Headquarters when he was posted to have his National Service there.

‘It was the Presbyterian Headquarters…I didn’t choose it…That was my first posting. I remember that day walking into that building and those guys rejected me. They were like, ‘no you don’t look like you were supposed to work here. Are you sure they posted you here? Go back’,” he recounted to Franky 5.

“I was wearing a nice shirt. I dressed like I was going to somebody’s job. They said my hair. They just looked at me and judged me that I cannot work there,” he said.


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