‘I was pressed to marry and that got me to marry a younger man’ – Nana Ama McBrown


The nation’s popular actress, director and TV broadcaster, Nana Ama McBrown has revealed why she had to settle down with her man. Her household she said, not for a moment pressed her to settle down but, those who pressed her were her exterior followers, both internal and abroad.

The actress, 46 now, popped up on Dentaa Amoateng’s popular program recently, and was spotted talking about how the public press on females to settle down and bring forth when they are aging.

In respect of McBrown, who got settled at the age of 42 and brought forth at the age of 45, disclosed that the people who pressed her to get settle did not occurred from her household, but her followers.

The actress for this reason thinks that, the push from her followers and friends to get a spouse turned to be of quality purpose.

She said her mother did not tell her to marry and have a child. Her household didn’t as well pressed her to, but exterior people.

McBrown said, she realized it was heavy on her due to the fact that she is an icon and also trusted that they mind about her. In as much as occasionally request in a very unpleasant way, but she trusted that they all mind about her.

Her fans she said, were on a watch to discern how she would become when she turns a mother.

She said its about time she let certain things be, in as much as she is learning and growing each-day of her life, and knows best what she wants.


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