I Felt Soo Bad When I Went on BBC and Was Asked Why I loved to Steal Other People’s Lyrics🤐


One musician here in Ghana who has been pointed out on several occassions as having a taste for biting other musicians lyrics in his songs is no other person than Kuame Eugene.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu Show, the Wish me Well hitmaker disclosed that he went to BBC for an interview and the host kept on asking why he loves to steal other people’s lyrics and he felt soo bad.

“Abeiku, do you know that when i went to BBC for an interview, almost everything the host was asking me were all negatives. This is because when he went on the Internet to do a research on me, most of the stuffs that kept coming were negative and untrue stuffs about me”.

Kuame Eugene continued,

“What even got me angry was when he asked why i love to steal other people’s songs, and this is because Ghanaians kept on writing and saying that i steal people’s lyrics whi ch is not true. I don’t steal people’s lyrics, i just take inspiration from their songs.”

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