I didn’t marry from Ghana because Ghanaians will gossip to my in-laws that I am a gay- Nana Tonado


Ghanaian actor, Nana Tornado, has for the first time explained why he chose to marry his wife outside Ghana.

In a new video shared on his Instagram handle, he explained to his fans that Ghanaians have been lying against him all these while — labelling him as a gay.

Emil Wood as he’s known in real life said he knows very well that if he should marry here in Ghana, people will spoil his marriage by going to his in-laws to lie on him saying “why did you give your daughter to this gay to marry?”.

So to avoid all these problems, he decided to marry from Zimbabwe.

Tornado said he did this on purpose because he knows very well that Ghanaians won’t have the money to travel all the way to the southern African country to spoil him to his in-laws.

Watch the video below:


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