“I Became A Lesbian Because I Was Afraid Of Becoming Pregnant”– Ghanaian Lady Reveals On Live Radio🤔


A Ghanaian lesbian has revealed what prompted her to join the ‘family’ of lesbians and according to her it was based on some convincing reasons a friend gave her about the act.

In an interview on Adom Fm’s ‘Dwaso Nsem’, Eno Serwaah revealed what piqued her in the first place to start sleeping with women.

According to her, she had a friend from South Africa who told her sleeping with women was far safer than sleeping with men and thus she became convinced and started sleeping with women.

She said: “My friend raised issues of unwanted pregnancies which may lead to abortions if I choose to have a boyfriend which I found convincing and saw nothing wrong with being a lesbian,”

She added that she’s been a  lesbian since age 14 and she finds nothing wrong with it.

Eno added that dating women is far more fulfilling than dating men who are mostly cheats.

“The partners are committed and dedicated with no issues of heartbreak or cheating and even if they cheat on you, they tell you about it compared to boys of today. You feel loved, secured and hygienic because you want to be clean at all times for your partner,” she added.

The chat also included a lesbian who has since ‘repented’ and is now straight and a clinical psychologist.



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