I am grateful for showing me love – KiDi


Times Weekend (TW), on an agenda to interact with one of the award winners of the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) caught up with sensational afrobeats and highlife musician Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly known as KiDi.


The 25 year old who has chalked enviable success in the music industry despite his short arrival unto the music scene is poised on continuing to sell Ghana to the rest of the world.

He is well known for his hit song titled ‘odo’ which features musicians Davido and Mayorkun.

The light skinned entertainer a product of Accra Academy and the University of Ghana Legon, and signed unto the Lynx entertainment record label, which is known for mentoring and nurturing talents.

Currently, Kidi is one of the most sought after musician and is ready to launch his first every album on May 31 at the Silver Bird Cinemas, Accra.

TW engaged him in a chit chat to delve deep into his life and also find out how he was preparing for the premiering of his first ever movie titled ‘Sugar the movie.’

Read on:

TW: How are you doing KiDi?

KiDi: I am doing well.

TW: Congratulations on the awards you won at the just ended VGMA.

KiDi: Thank you very much.

TW: Please tell us about ‘sugar the movie.’

KiDi: With sugar the movie, my team decided to do something refreshing and new which is totally different from the normal album launch. In this case all the songs on the album were linked together to form a movie. Surprisingly we didn’t write the album with the movie in mind. We just did the album like every other album but later, management thought it will be beautiful and more entertaining if we turn it into a movie. So sugar the movie is basically about the album, it is the songs on the album that have been put together to form a movie. It will be premiered on May 31 at the Silver Bird Cinema so I entreat all my fans and every other person in the country to come and support me to make it a memorable one.

TW: Wow! This is creativity at its best. I cannot wait to watch it. You came into the lime light about four years and since then you have been treating us to soothing music and your songs are always being played at events and on the airwaves, have you received any royalty from the Ghana Musician Right Organisation (GHAMRO)?

KiDi: Not yet.

TW: This is surprising considering how your songs are part of the most played songs in the country at the moment. Do you feel cheated?

KiDi: I do not feel that way at all because I am busily focusing on more important activities that would fetch e more money and make me a better musician, this doesn’t mean I don’t want what is due me but if I am not called to come for it I won’t go after it. I just pray in future we will have proper royalties for the music we make.

TW: okay, you are thr reigning best male vocalist of the year, how does that make you feel?

KiDi: I feel very honoured and also the zeal to keep making Ghana and my fans proud has gone overboard. (Smiles).

TW: Congrats once again, please share with us your educational background?

KiDi: (laughs) I have been to many schools. I attended Saint Anthony’s at Odorkor,  after that went to Great Lamptey Mills, continued to Accra Academy and them finally to the University of Ghana.

TW: What did you read at the University of Ghana?

KiDi: I read Economics and Information Studies.

TW: Let us get a little personal here, when are you getting married?

KiDi: (smiles) I am not getting married any time soon.

TW: Why?

KiDi: Because I am not ready at all, I feel I am still young. I have so many things that I want to accomplish before getting married. If along the line I meet the right woman too, I will not hesitate to get married.

TW: Then when that time comes do not forget to invite us.  We don’t like missing star studded marriage ceremonies.

KiDi: Oh! I will definitely remember to send you invites.

TW: What is your favourite food?

KiDi: I have top three favourite foods, they keep rotating though (laughs). I love beans with fried plantain, most of the times I love fufu with light soup and then at other times too I enjoy jollof.

TW: Please be specific when you mention jollof, is it the Ghanaian jollof or the Nigerian one that you are referring to?

KiDi: (laughs) I don’t want to ever see Nigerian jollof in my life again. I prefer Ghanaian jollof.

TW: That is funny ! I would also rather opt for Ghana jollof to be on the safer side! Where is your favourite holiday destination?

KiDi: Somewhere I would love to go to for relaxation purposes is South America because of the clean beaches they have there.

TW: What is the most painful rumour you have heard about yourself?

KiDi: I do not really allow rumours to get into me that much. What I often hear is that people say I am too knowing and arrogant but it is not true.

TW: It is good you do not pay too much attention to some of these negative things. Have you had a crush on any of the celebrities before?

KiDi: To be honest, I have crushed on almost all the actress in this country, Nadia Buari, Joselyn Dumas, Jackie Appiah etc.

TW: Oh really! Okay, tell us who your favourite Ghanaian entertainer is.

KiDi: I love all my Ghanaian entertainers, everybody is my favourite.

TW: Finally, any advice to your fans?

KiDi: I love you all and I am grateful for your support so far. Keep being law abiding and hardworking and success will never elude you. Please do not forget to join me at the premiere of ‘sugar the movie.’

TW: Thank you for your time KiDi.

KiDi: Thank you too.

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