Here Is How To Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Baby Mama



Dating a man with kids can be quite challenging, but what do you do about the baby mama that comes with the kids? Understanding how to deal with your boyfriend’s baby mama is very important if you want to keep your relationship. The good news is, we have some tips that can help. This is how to deal with your boyfriend’s baby mama:

deal with your boyfriends baby mama
Accept Her

She’s not going anywhere, as long as you love and accept the kids, you have to love and accept their mom even when you don’t like her. Resigning to the fact that she’s always going to be in your life will make her easier to live with.

Understand Her

She’s human too, and like it or not, not all baby mamas are crazy. Some of them were just in a bad situation that didn’t work out. Truth is, she probably would give anything to avoid the situation too, so be understanding.

deal with your boyfriends baby mama

Put yourself in her shoes and then ask yourself what you would want to know about your kids. When situations happen, inform her. Don’t let her find out about a hospital visit from her child. So, communicate and be sensitive.

Create Boundaries

As accommodating as you should be, let your boyfriend or spouse know that there are boundaries she shouldn’t cross and make sure they are clear. The bedroom, the relationship between you and him and whatever else you feel is personal, she shouldn’t be involved in.

Don’t Engage

If you’re unfortunately saddled with the crazy baby mama type, please do not engage her. Whenever the drama starts, even when it’s with you, leave your man to handle it. Do not give her the satisfaction of engaging her. In the end, you have to put you first, so if trying to manage the situation isn’t working you’re allowed to take yourself out of it.🤣


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