Ghana Armed Forces to deal with officer who punished Kasoa resident


Ghana’s Coronavirus lockdown commenced yesterday 30th March 2020 and security personnel were deployed to make sure the lockdown is observed.

A video emerged yesterday from Kasoa which saw a young man been subjected to frog jumps on the streets.

It’s reported widely that the said young man was taking a video of the military man and this got him into the punishment.

The soldier who was part of the military deployed to enforce law and order during the period of the partial lockdown, was seen in a video, instructing the civilian to move onto the main road to do the jumps as punishment for attempting to video the security team.

The culprit soldier who was hooded was heard saying “Go to the road, your girlfriend will see you. You were videoing me so that your girlfriend will say I am wicked”.

But speaking to Accra based Citi FM, Lt. Col. Appah said that the Armed Forces will punish the officer appropriately when he is found.

Whilst claiming that finding the said soldier will be a daunting task, Lt. Col. Appah noted that his outfit will try every means possible to locate the said officer because they [GAF] had about 50 uniformed personnel stationed at the place.

He said he would believe that the person he saw in the video was one of his men because the background looks like the area GAF was stationed.

“The soldier was wearing a hood and it is difficult to identify him in the video. Incidentally, our area is a reserved place where we have our headquarters. We have about 40 to 50 soldiers there. So, it is difficult to identify which soldier did that. But I’m still looking for him to find out why he did that and give appropriate sanctions,” he said.

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