Funny Face releases new attacks on Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke, Adebayor pledges support with guns


The ‘beef’ between comedians/actors Funny Face and Lilwin has taken a different turn as the as the former has just released a series of attacks on Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark the Joke.

In a new video sighted on Funny face’s Instagram page, he accused Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark the joke of trying to sabotage him.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 🙏😡. At a point in any MAN’s LIFE .. you have to be a Man .. and fight for ur LEGACY .. enough is enough 🙏❤️🇬🇭 Saaaaaawwwwww is abt to over you all .. one by one .. FAKE ASS NIGGAS ! KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU “ POKUASE STEVEN SEAGAL .. KALYBOS , BISMARK THE JOKE , LIL WIN .. BE WARNED !! 😡” he captioned the video.

Going on to narrate what is causing this rift between him his colleagues in the video, Funny face said:

“I just finished saying my dawn prayers. That same feeling that made me apologize to my ex wife, that same feeling is telling me, Funny come out you’ve been destroyed for too long. Why? Liwin, kalybos, Bismarck the joke why? What are you taking from me? Why? You intentionally came out to fake publicly like you do. Oh Funny face has blocked me oh funny face has done this. Yet on an interview with Zionfelix you insulted me. For peace sake I came out to say that I’d forgiven you. Eat and me eat some. What is wrong with what I said? Yet you people keep destroying me.”

He also alleged that Kalybos  is envious of everything he has been able to achieve.

“You Kalybos, stupid n*gga like you. You are so envious of everything that you even wanted a girl I slept with and begged me for her. Foolish man, I gave her to you because the girl too I have seen that she’s a fool, so I make you fire, how many n*ggas go fit do this? You and Lil Win” he asked.

The “Kasoa Trotro” actor went on to dare his colleagues to say a word and he was going to spill all their secrets.

that “Lil Win I have forgiven you but you continue doing it, don’t try, your secrets that I have to release, you guys will be fed up,” he added.

Watch Video Below:

Commenting under Funny Face’s post, his Togolese footballer friend, Adebayor pledged his allegiance to Funny in the fight and promised to come along with guns to the fight.

See his post below:


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