Former Black Stars Captain Stephen Tonado Appiah Has Voiced Out On Fake Ghanaian Celebrities



Since Stephen Appiah retired from active football, he is mostly seen at cooperate and social events where he hangs out with other celebrities, some of whom he described as ‘fake.’ The former Black Stars captain hit hard these celebrities who hide behind social media to elevate their status.

He said lots of them pretend they are living glitzy and glamourous lifestyles contrary to the reality on the ground. He made this disclosure in an interview with MzGee of JoyNews.

He had this to say: “Some of the comments are very funny to me, people eat in the restaurant and take pictures of their food and post them on social media… if you are a celebrity, there’s no need to do certain things.

Some celebrities live fake lifestyles, I always focus on the captions on my social media page to inspire people. People live certain lifestyles that means they are not being themselves. If I see them posting pictures, acting as big personalities and turn back to ask me for a favour, I will never stretch out.”

I think it’s all about character. I was lucky… staying in Italy for about fifteen to seventeen years and I really looked at their culture especially in their dressing aspects,” he said. When we talk about fashion you need to love yourself, because at the end of the day, nobody goes out naked.

I put on certain colours of clothes and my friends make mockery of me,” the footballer revealed. I’m so lucky to have a nice physique. I have to blow my horns because I work it out, that is one main thing that describes me a lot, everything I put on looks good on me.”


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