‘Fans Print Bhim T-Shirt In My Name Just To Feed Their Families But I’m Not Bothered So Invest In Us’- Stonebwoy Tells Government



I know Stonebwoy is a talented Dancehall/Reggae artist with several awards to his credit.

What I never knew is that he’s also a great orator and he made this evident recently at the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) summit recently.

The father of two delivered a great speech as one of the speakers at the programme, urging the government to take a closer look at the creative industry because it has the potential to transform the living conditions of people .

He said:

“There is so much job to be made around even the creative arts. Me as I roll out here at least I can count up to not less than 10 of people who are employed around me just to keep me running; devoid of the production, devoid of the managerial and all these things.

These ones create opportunities for people to put monies in our pockets. People print my T-shirts in the North, in the west and the East, people create BHIM fanbases and they sell stuff over there to eat and fend for themselves. I do not go attacking them whatsoever because this is what we can also do indirectly.

So we’ll just urge that the government would also look at the creative art sector beyond the artisan or whatever because it creates employment for people as well.”

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