Fake Love Everywhere – Daddy Lumba Reveals



Legendary Ghanaian musician, Charles Kwadwo Fosu aka Daddy Lumba, has revealed that he’s discovered a hard lesson about life after falling seriously sick for close to a decade.

Speaking in an interview, Daddy Lumba said he was completely abandoned during this time.

Everyone close and dear to him, friends, family members etc, all left him to his fate.

During those moments, all the fame and fortune he had built up turned out to be useless in helping him.

Sounding a bit pained, Lumba said that episode taught him a lot about life.

It made him realise people around you don’t really love you but just love what you can do for them.

Watch video below;

It’s not the first and won’t be the last time this lesson is being revealed.

Humans are pretty selfish, especially those from the country called Ghana.

Everyone is looking for their self-interest at every second of every day!

It’s a big part of the reason the country is such a mess but we’re not ready to have that conversation!⁹

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