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Ex-Prez Mahama’s Son Shows Off New Benz & Other Posh Cars In His” Mansion😋


Sharaf, the 21-Yr-Old son of former president John Mahama may be a young man but he has shown that he has the taste of ‘big’ men. This is seen in the choice of cars and other items he uses. In 2017, when he was 19, he was using a Mercedes Benz and having Nike customised football boots. Sharaf’s taste has not changed. A new video and photo shows he has gotten himself a new Benz car.

In the photo, Sharaf is seen standing in the middle of a gigantic house with four cars including the Benz, wearing a bespoke black kaftan and a carrying a Holy Bible in an obvious bid to go to church (Eid) as it was Sunday, August 11, 2019.
Sharaf was later spotted in a video cruising in his Benz car.

It is not known exactly who owns the new car but it must be noted that Sharaf is known to be a footballer in the first division league in Belgium and could save to buy a Benz and other cars. It would be recalled that when news broke of Sharaf’s 2017 Benz, it was reported to be a birthday gift from his father alongside the customised football boots. But it turned out that, the young man had bought the car himself with his earnings even before his birthday.

On another event; let’s take a look at a flashback below: