Don Little Is Refused An Alcoholic Beverage In the USA


In a viral video on Instagram , a bartender in the United States of America is seen refusing to serve Kumawood star, Don Little, alcohol. The actor, in the eyes of the bartender, does not appear to be 21, the legal drinking age in the US.

Although diminutive, Don Little is rumoured to be in his early 20s, however, his real age is unknown.

The Kumawood actor, who was not surprised the man saw him as a boy, tried to convince the bartender he was above the drinking age.

However, the bartender insisted the actor go to the next shop and get himself Coke or Pepsi.

“You don’t want to sell it for me? I don’t like Pepsi, I’m not a kid, you know,” Don Little said.

Here is the Video;

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