Deborah Vanessa Having Fun Hard On A Cruise Ship


The ex-girlfriend of rapper AMG Medikal Deborah Vanessa aka Sis Derby has caused serious ‘traffic’ on social media after a video of her seriously twerking on a cruise ship surfaced on social media.

In the video, the singer who was in a cruise boat flaunted her backside and danced with excitement and all happiness to show Medikal what he is missing.

Watch video below:

Some people including some celebrities commented on the video.

Read some comments below:

@lydiaforson referred to Sister Derby’s backside: “It’s shaking ooh .”

@ghdopenation recalled their song concerning backside: “You see the Girl Ein Back.”

@_masanaalfa had this to say: “Oh God derby you’re shaking the boat I love you!”

@sarkodieakeg wished he could date Sister Derby: “How I wish I have the power to date sister D.”

@warrionthaq commented: “Lol… I can’t even see what you actually shaking…lol You’re funny Dabbie.”


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