Confidence Haugen, a former Miss Ghana contestant out with her bad experience on plastic surgeries


Confidence Haugen, was one time Miss Ghana contestant in 1999 who was joined in the pageant. She made her way through in the pageant competition, and was doing so well in Ghana afterwards. She had her first child being a female few years after her participation in the pageant. After her first child she decided to go into plastic surgery in abroad after which it turned out to be what she did not expected, so got her missing from the public shows, then.

After some time, she came back and spoke about her second implantation that did not also go well for her as she expected. She then had her second child, being a male of which she went into a relationship with Edem, the Ghanaian ewe rapper before her second child was born.

There were few hitches here and there in her relationship with Edem and she had to move back to the UK and stayed there for sometime while she took care of her mistaken plastic surgery.

Confidence Haugen is now out and feels good to talk about all she’s been through in the past once she feels better of herself now.

In Confidence YouTube interview, she said, she has been through 3 different plastic surgeries, of which she explained that, 2 out of the 3 were her bad experience, which she wouldn’t like anyone to go through. According to her, she had her first implant in 1999 in the United Kingdom (UK), which went wrong. This was right after the Miss Ghana pageant.

She went correcting it for the second time, but it rather went worse of which in turn, she had two different shapes for her two implants. This frustrated her and kept her away from public scenes, because she was going through a whole lot, but couldn’t explained further for people to understand her better.

Confidence then went doing a lot of investigations on getting a better Doctor to correct her plastic surgery for her. She said she has kept mute for all these while because she felt it was a topic people don’t like sharing. This was because people feel shy to open up on their implantation. But when they are done in the best way, they praise God for that.

She said, she does not encourage anyone to go into plastic surgery, but will talk about it when she is asked questions on them. She however said that, she was done with all her surgeries, because the last one she did was for a life time, as her doctor told her.

Confidence told her YouTube followers about how she felt at that moment. She said, she felt very good and perfect in herself. She said, she has added some few surgeries which included her stomach and shape which makes her feel confident enough as a lady.

She said, her reason of going through those surgeries was that, she had a bad figure as she was growing up. So when she turned a bit older, she decided to go into that to make her become what she actually wanted.

Now she feels the best person ever, and she was done with every surgery. thanks to the last Doctor who operated on her. He was a perfect specialist for just the face and shoulders.

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