Coconut Seller Becomes Shinning Star in University After Relocating To Canada

A man who used to stay in the village gathering firewood and selling coconut has finally moved abroad to further his studies

Peter Bawuah posted a video on TikTok showing when he was a coconut seller and now a student in Canada

Peter has been elected the graduate student representative in his department at the University of Windsor, Ontario

Peter, a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST was seen in a video gathering firewood when he was in the village.

Photos of Peter Bawuah, a young man from Ghana who was a coconut seller in Ghana but has moved to Canada to study at the University of Windsor, Ontario.
            Peter Bawuah in pictures 

His determination to succeed saw him doing many things including selling coconut.

Peter’s determination has finally paid off as he has relocated to Canada to further his studies at the University of Windsor, Ontario.

When he got to Canada, Peter was elected the student representative for his department.

He shared his story in a TikTok video and he got many people inspired. He wrote:

“Life is about determination, perseverance, discipline, and God’s factor. My root is my source of wisdom.”

Reactions from TikTok users

@sonofgod545 commented: “Your story gives me hope that God will not abandon me.”

@Alice Mecidis reacted: “Why is this not going viral.”

@BoatengNelson said: “You deserve to be where you are now. God is going to take u to higher places.”

@Amaserwaa16 reacted: “May we all be great.”

@Bright Osei said: “I have a similar story like yours.”

@user3220121957669ecko makafui said: “There is something called grace.”

@MELODY commented: “I pray God changes my story too.”

@Empress 1 GH commented: “Bro when ever I see your video then I be like wooow, God can change everything. Hmm!, bro may Almighty God continue bless you.”

@elma_moet reacted: “With God all things are possible indeed.”

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