Arnold Asamoah Replies Shatta Wale over Ghc 40 Salary At UTV



During an appearance on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana 4 days ago, Shatta Wale unleashed a new attack on his arch-enemy Arnold Asamoah Baidooo.


According to the SM President, the popular entertainment critic does not have the locus to chastise and berate artists like himself.

Shatta Wale did not hesitate to warn Arnold to stay off his business and rather focus on taking meagre money for his punditry duties on UTV.

“I need to listen to money makers and businessmen, not Arnold. He is not a businessman. He does not understand what I say about money royalties. Arnold still wants to sit on TV and take 40 Ghana Cedis and still roll out,” 

Arnold who has a long-standing beef with Shatta Wale has finally replied to the derogatory shades the dancehall musician threw at him.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz program over the weekends, Arnold expressed his disappointment in Shatta Wale for always throwing tantrums like a child who has misplaced his candy anytime he grants interviews.

He reprimanded Shatta Wale for always behaving uncouth on the radio, Tv and on the internet which is very bad for his brand and the children learning from him.

Arnold is reported to have said;

My general assessment of the interview will be brief on your show because I’d like to save some points for another show. I believe Wale should sit up. I say this from a good place,

He is one of our leading figures who when he speaks people stand still to listen. Maybe he is in denial or he’s not being truthful to himself but he’s one of our leading figures, one of our leading artists, one of our leading entertainers,” he stressed.

“This is why when he gets an opportunity on such platforms, for me, I’d like to tell him to take it seriously,

“If we have issues, critical issues, address them in a way that if the President watches and hears, he will sit up,” he challenged.

Arnold further highlighted Shatta Wale’s huge following and influence while emphasising, “because of this, when he gets such a platform, his communication and how he addresses issues is very critical.”

“But if you go and sit there and by the end of the show, it is GHS40, Okraku-Mantey and so on and so forth generating the trends, you have failed. It means you actually went to do comedy,”

Predictably, vengeful Shatta Wale will reply to Arnold’s latest remarks about him in a very furious manner which will resurrect their beef once again.


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