Another female SHS student turns her colleague “hard-on” after giving him a serious lap dance in class


What is really happening to our wards in the senior high school days? It’s about time we all come together to take a critical look at these social media viral videos of the youth in the SHS.

We wouldn’t be in the right place to judge but it looks like immorality is gradually gaining ground in our Senior High Schools popularly referred to as SHS.

For some time now, they have always given us something to talk about.

As if it shaking their backside, twerking, chopping themselves as well as speaking profane has been added to their syllabus because all the videos that come out from any SHS school fall within these categories.

Earlier we had a video where about seven(7) girls were advising their colleagues who are virgins not to be proud but rather allow boys to have access to them by sleeping with boys.

They were later deboardinize by their schools as a deterrent to other students but it looks like other SHS girls have taken up.

In a new video sighted, some students of a yet-to-be-identified school have been caught twerking and giving a lap dance to a colleague in class.

In the video, two students could be seen in a romantic way as the girl grinds the boy in the classroom while their friends watch.

Watch the video below:

Well, until God comes these are some of the things that we would be seeing on social media.

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