A Day With Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufman, NSMQ quiz mistress

Our Honourable  Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufman recounts she almost got kicked out of high schoolin the her early years in the secondary school.

On an interveiw with joy news media, Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufman recounts how she almost got kicked out of high school by her headmistress back then in Aburi Girls SHS..

It was a terrifying day as water became scarce in the school(Aburi Girls SHS). As tiny as she was back then, she and her friend decided to go down the valley and fetch water for their personal use.

She recounts, there was an agitation in the school later that day about students who wanted to go home because there was no water but she was in the valley then… So names were being written to poll the students who wanted to go home.

When she and her friend returned from the valley, someone approached them(Elsie and her friend) and asked them whether they wanted to go home, they said yes.. Their names were then put down.

Little did Elsie and her friend know that all names written would be submitted to the headmistress by an anonymous writer.. Later, all the students who put down their names to go home were summoned and Dr. Elsie and her friend were part.. The headmistress told them to go home which she was indirectly sacking them but most didn’t know.

She didn’t then know how to go home because her parents had moved to Kumasi and there was nowhere to contact them to go home.. She said, “my friend and I hid at some place until evening when we decided to go and beg the headmistress to let us stay because we were not aware of the agitation on campus when we returned from the valley and we didn’t know our way home”.. The headmistress agreed to their consent and let them stay and they were happy.. If they decided to go home, that would have been the end of their education..

She said and recounted all these in an interview when she said,” I almost got kicked out of high school in the ’80s”.


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