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The Clash of The Boss Delay and boss Baby Felicia Osei



Deloris Frimpong Manso, Delay has finally met her meeter!

Delay and Felicia Osei have clashed in a face-off interview on the Delay show.

In a recent episode on the Delay show, Delay had Ghanaian Tiktoker and content creator, Felicia Osei, as her guest.

Very usual of Delay, she sought to roast Felicia Osei on her seat but Felicia cunningly didn’t allow her.

In a video that has popped up on social media, Delay is seen drilling Felicia Osei over her mother’s hypocrisy.

Delay inquired if Felicia Osei does not see her mother as a hypocrite for poking her nose into other peoples’ issues but plays the victim when the table turns.

But Felicia Osei consciously declined to tag her own mother as a hypocrite, she dragged Delay over the question and noted she does not have a name for what she seeks.

In the end, Felicia Osei advised that no one should be too involved in other peoples’ problems in order to be spared when it is their turn.

Felicia Osei is currently being praised for handling the question maturely and not throwing her mum under the bus!

Also, she faced Delay as her own boss!!

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