You’re a ‘stranger’ to Klottey Korley – Adom-Otchere descends on Zanetor over partisan food distribution


Television broadcaster, Paul Adom-Otchere, has descended on Dr Rawlings, the first daughter of the former president of Ghana J.J Rawlings over her comments on partisan food distribution.

Dr Rawlings made comments which sought to suggest food distributed to the vulnerable in Greater Accra lockdown areas were done on partisan basis.

But Mr Adom-Otchere, speaking on his TV show, Good Evening Ghana, on Thursday and said he is concerned about her comments because of the heritage she inherited and the hope she promises as a politician.

According to him, Dr Rawlings’ claims are baseless and should be disregarded.

“My advice to her this evening is that, madam please don’t get into the politics of those other people. The kind of politics that you promised, the hope you expressed, the heritage that you come from which we believe that you will add on, you can’t say that food is being shared in a partisan way, without evidencing it.

“You trained in Ireland and you know that he who alleges must prove. How can you, such an important Member of Parliament make such a serious allegations without establishing any iota or prove?

“You are the daughter of former president J.J. Rawlings and with so many positives and you come and make such unsubstantiated allegations. Please never let it happen again. You are the daughter of Konadu and that is why you can come from nowhere to become an MP. It’s because J.J. and Konadu are your parents and so you have a heritage to protect. It’s so baseless. Don’t do this again,” he said.

According to him, Dr Rawlings, should have called the minister in-charge of Gender and Social Protection, Cynthia Mamle Morrison, before waging into “unsubstantiated allegations” over the distribution of food to ‘Kayayei’ within her constituency.

“Let it get into your system Dr Rawlings, you come from a privileged home…behave properly, stop misbehaving,” he said.

Mr Adom-Otchere then advised her to take politics of Ghana and her constituency very seriously and learn from her parents on how they conducted themselves when they were leading the country.


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