‘You Are Weak’- Sister Derby Aims Shots At Berla Mundi

Former girlfriend of rapper Medikal, Sister Derby has aimed shots at TV personality Berla Mundi when they started a thread on social media talking about women and marriage


Berla Mundi started the conversation when she wrote: ‘Believe it or not women with less friends make a good wife’ and asked her followers on Twitter if the comment is true.⁠

When Derby saw the post, she also shared her thought by saying: “What about abusive husbands who prefer their wives with less friends so they can beat their wives in peace? No one to advise their wives for their own betterment.”⁠

As you can see it was a friendly banter as they freely expressed their opinion. Then Berla came in again:

“That’s the other side of the issue too. But it means you should have a few good friends that can advise you the right way.

And this was when Derby lost her cool and fired salvos without any provocation:

“If you are looking for a husband who will control your life, don’t come and spread your weakness to us”. 

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