PREGNANT Fella Makafui Collapsed During her Own Wedding –Watch Video



 Fella Makafui collapsed at her own wedding.We guess the stress surrounding the marriage ceremony brouhaha or queen Fella is over excited and as a result went into some kind of shock due to a ‘ PREGNANCY’ as she was not expecting this day between her and AMG Boss.


The king and queen of drama in Ghanaian showbiz could not have their wedding without Nollywood style drama occurring.

During the wedding ceremony, Fella collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital!

The cause of Fella’s collapse is not yet known but considering all that she had to go through before she could force Medikal to marry her – who can blame her?

Anyway, she was rushed to the hospital and brought back safe and sound for the wedding to continue.

Watch the moment it happened below…


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