We all have a past. A past that was not full of glam and spice. A past that gives us memories of days when all we had was our loved ones and moments to cherish.

Madam Boss Akothee has her roots too. Days she cared less about the gram and lived each day, just to see her children grow and be happy.

Sharing a flashback photo just after giving birth to her son, she opened up on the myriad grueling challenges she had to undergo at the time.

Akothee with her daughters back in the days when she had given birth to her boys

The journey

¨I have never allowed my challenges cover my beautiful smile,¨ she started. As her heartbreaking story continued:

No one knew I was thrown out of Switzerland 9 months pregnant to come back to Africa, his exact words ” go back to Africa I have no time ,energy or family to take care of you, I am not ready for a family now , you have too many children, and a man can not fall in love at 50 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

This was a man, whose child she bore. A man she looked up to start a family with. A man supposed to be the father to some of her kids.

But it was like crying over spilt milk. He was 50 and wanted nothing to do with a woman with ´too many children´ let alone start a family.

It cut right through her skin and none came to her rescue.

This words penetrated deep inside my stomach , I seek advice from people I knew in Europe, but none was making sense to me.

Crazy pieces of advice she got but her brain made her think twice. Women whose hearts were made of stone and would do anything to have ´what she had´ which was not even there.

Even during this time I had women who were jealous of me 🙆‍♂️hated me ,thinking I was living large and better life than them🤣🤣,even went as far as sleeping with my so baby daddy 🤔🤔 no madam I was just organised.

But their minds were clouded. They could not see the reality.

However, with pain comes strength, comes boldness, comes the courage to face the reality as it is and conquer.

Akothee did exactly that, without knowledge of those dear to her heart.

I never told anyone my journey or pain,even my own children dint know anything 💪💪, not even my family they only saw a strong hard working taxi driver ,who now opened a restaurant/ bar.


As she recalls her painful past, she can only smile and be proud of who she has become.

Her message however is:

what worked for me,might not work for you ,you only have one option left BE STRONG 💪💪💪💪, what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger !

That explains why she would choose Africa over any other continent any day, any time.

And that’s how I lost my thirst of living in Europe! I adore Afrika , it has my roots ,where my umbilical cord was buried AFRIKA AFRIKA AFRIKA , I LOVE YOUUU @@veshashaillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia


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