Suzzie Williams who died at the ripe age of 23 on 8th September 2005 was just getting her career started.

She achieved fame but there was more and fans thirsted for the “more” which was never to come. Death laid its icy hands on the young and vibrant actress.

The late Suzzie’s mother known as Cecelia Williams has revealed in an interview with Stacy that: she believes her daughter was murdered.

Aside that, Cecelia also revealed albeit shockingly that the doctor at the time refused to save her daughter because of ethnocentrism.

Cecelia disclosed that she had seen her daughter involved in an accident in an afternoon dream prior to the accident’s real occurance.

Cecelia further explained that she became very uncomfortable and began to feel that something terrible was going to happen.

She also revealed that she was not in support of her daughter’s relationship with a “certain guy”. This was largely because she wanted her daughter to focus on her career which was on the verge of peaking to incredible heights.

Madam Cecelia Williams continued to reveal that, when her daughter was involved in the accident, she was called around 2 am on 8th September and got to the hospital to see a syringe pierced through her daughter’s neck through to the nose and that she wasn’t even dead at the time.

She continued to say that, the negligence of the doctor then was the reason why her daughter died.

To add insult to injury, she also revealed that the doctor informed then that it was better for Suzzy to die because she would have been a “vegetable” if she had survived the ghastly accident.

She further went on to say in the interview that, a year after the death of her daughter, she went to the hospital and met with the doctor.

However, to her utter dismay, the doctor told her that he didn’t know that Suzzy was an Ewe, and that if he had known early enough, he would have done his best to save her.

He confessed that he thought Suzzy was one of those ‘disrespectful’ Fante girls.

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